Can We Go Back?

by GiNZ

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ayo everything that's destined, i bless wit affection
address my progressoin everythings a question
to you, so you answer yaself, like who the fuck am i
bonafied hustla, gettin mine, so you oughta try
somethin different, go out cuz you can die too
i stay debatin myself, just like skyzoo
but it's great, i got an illmind im fly too
close wit my circle, but you squares rep a sly crew
get it? it's everything when you just give and take
cycles remain stagnant, if you neva get a break
break one then break two, these break beats will break u
and take you to places that, you can cop a break too
yeah, my kit kat got a riff raff
roll anotha spliff sack and kickback and spit raps
uhn, i get lifted and I miss that
time that we spent, i just gotta get my bitch back.

lets take it back to vinyls and cd's & tape cassettes
when the radio would play, i would tape that mess
sony walkmans and maxxells, middle school growin
then highschool slowly approached, i started flowin
we some killa komrades, me and my boy RIZLA
my homie called it quits, i made a switch up, and kick dust
fuck it man, cuz the past is the past
the future is a present, im just runnin like the flash
catch me if you can im the gingerbread man
deleting cookies off computers never see where i am
im tech savy, jet swaggy cuz im so high
jet lag for days, after walkin, i am that fly
haha, ill neva call myself godly
oddly of the future, no tyler, but im bossy
still creatin ill shit, so haters stay up off me,
or on me, cuz their girlfriends steady want me

talk is cheap, a conversation might cost you
#hashtag winnin, but im trippin since i lost you
uhn, i reminisnce and yeah i still reflect
blowin reefa out the window and it hurts my chest
but i just keep on goin
i wrote this down, cuz i feel like i am slowin
down mentally, but physically i am workin out
presentin you scenarios, to see if we can work it out
lets take it back to the times i woulda play a track
and you would listen, kickin feedback, i needed that
i still need that, hmm, maybe not as much
but it's crazy, you my lady baby stay in touch
like im reading youin braille
and i will never fail you again, i just hope the ship aint sailed
im drownin unda waters, and im tryna keep it honest
im tryna get you off, but i'm hopin you still on it.


released September 21, 2011
Produced by Chin Beats



all rights reserved